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Komşu Fırın

The Doruk Group’s journey toward the integration and optimization of the grain value chain began in 1972. Our first step was the founding of Marmara Un Sanayii A.Ş., located in Tekirdağ in Eastern Thrace, one of Turkey’s most important cereals growing regions, which put us on course to achieve our present-day success, with operations at every stage from the grain field to the end-consumer’s dinner table. Looking back over the road we have traveled, we realized that the philosophy underlying our business model is reflection of life itself: Everything starts with a single step, just as, starting from a single grain of wheat, we built an entire world. Wheat is not only the first grain to be domesticated and cultivated but also marks an important-turning point in global civilization. Wheat was cultivated for the first time in the world in Anatolia almost 11,000 years ago and, as humanity’s most important source of nutrition, remains one of the world’s most important shared values.